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The SAD (Standard American Diet) is truly sad. 2/3rds of Americans are overweight with a dramatic rise in lifestyle diseases affecting people at even younger ages. It’s left us fat, sick and tired. The really sad fact is that other countries are taking on American’s way of eating fast and processed food with low nutrition. By joining this community you’ll be part of the revolution of people just like you taking back their lives to become self-care superstars.

This 4-part free mini-course begins March 10 and will continue March 12, 15 & 16th at 11am PDT each day.

We’ll cover:

– How we got into this mess & why it continues to influence our choices
– How we can take back our health with simple & enjoyable steps
– The power of support when undertaking a paradigm shift
– Demonstration of healthy, to-go snacks and simple, delicious salad dressings

Most of us have been raised in a consumer-driven society that teaches us to buy things we don’t need, to place work and other peoples’ needs ahead of our own and eat diets that contribute to lifestyle diseases. Our ‘diets’ also include what we feed ourselves visually, mentally and spiritually.

My intention for the mini-course is to expose how we got into this mess and how we can live the second half of our lives with self-dignity, fun and freedom.

No need to wait, let’s get the discussion going now… leave your thoughts and questions here. We’d love to hear from you before, during or after the events.+Tamara Belland will be moderating the events.

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