Messages from Nature: Why it’s Important to Keep Our True Nature Alive

It’s gotten to the point that I have little inspiration to write unless I’m in nature.

Luckily, here on the Olympic Peninsula there’s a wide variety of inspiring places… lapping waves on the Strait of Jan de Fuca, expansive views from the top of Hurricane Ridge, the magical feeling of a mossy rain forest. Depending on what I feel like writing determines where I pull over in my Ford Escape ‘office on wheels.’ 

Spending time next to a local farmer’s cornfield is where I wrote the first draft of scene 3 of my solo performance show. It helps me get back in the feel of growing up in Minnesota.

Today I felt a nudge to go to my friend’s labyrinth. It’s peaceful there. I can unwind the hidden aspects of my mind.


I had a dream (nightmare) a while ago that Monsanto was spraying over this sacred space. My friends and I from the drum circle ceremony were hiding under cardboard to avoid the poison.

That dream came to mind as a plane flew over this quiet space today. My heart sank thinking about how the Navy has proposed installing and operating a Mobile Electronic Warfare Training System on the Olympic Peninsula. This equipment will be used for training fighter jet pilots and is expected to result in hundreds of flights every year.

Although a bit saddened, I continued writing the script about the importance of keeping our true nature alive, wild and visible.

Just then, an eagle flew overhead. He was so close I saw his eyes.

According to Native American tradition, the eagle is a sacred messenger carrying our prayers on its wings to the Creator.

Seeing this eagle, (that seemed to come out of the blue) felt like a gift.

And a message to keep going.

The solo performance show I’m writing reveals what I may have, in the past, chosen to keep secret. The eagle reminded me that when you declare yourself to be an artist, you’ve given up your right to hide.

Nature speaks to us all the time. It’s a matter of getting still and listening. A whole new world of strength and support opens up.

I used to think it was just being in the woods or by the ocean that inspired me. Now I realize that I’m also inspired by being around  people who are real and not afraid to share their truth. Learning to keep our own true nature alive and then sharing it whole-heartedly, we’ll be in a position to give each other important messages.

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