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Summer is right around the corner.

It got me thinking about how exposed I felt the first time I wore a bikini to the beach.

But this blogpost isn’t about that…

It’s about having the confidence you need to show up for your business without insecurity or self-consciousness.

Imagine showing up in a way that attracts the kind of clients you’d love to work with.

Let’s say you want to make a groovy, money-making video to show off your services. But the downer voice in your head tells you that you won’t know what to say or people don’t want it or people will give you a thumbs down.

That non-stop voice of negativity can shoot down even the best, most creative ideas.

Let me offer a rebuttal to that voice by inviting you to a LIVE YouTube event.

I’ll start off by exposing the myths that tell you that you can’t put yourself out there until you’re feeling more confident.

The truth is that continuing to wait is actually working against you. Every day you wait is making it less likely that you’ll have the confidence it takes to do what you want.  

But it’s easier than you might think to get the confidence you need and even more fun than you’ve been led to believe.

I’m here as your personal catalyst to tease out your strengths so you can get more clients and fly first class into the kind of life you want.

Here’s how this intimate LIVE EVENT is going to play out…

I’m sending out a special invite to my Kick-ass Confidence Club members on Monday. (If you’re not on the list, you can sign-up in the sidebar)

The first 8 people who email me back will be invited to join me live. We’ll be able to see each other face to face on the screen. And if you’ve ever wondered how these live meetings are set up, I’ll give you a free mini-training on the spot for how to join in.

Even if you’re not one of the first 8 people, you can still watch and communicate live via the chat box. I’ll respond to all your comments.

You’ll hear a little known fact about a public figure, a surprisingly simple way to build your confidence and then I’ll give you quick blasts of confidence to help you reach your specific goals.

To get a glimpse how these events work, check out this replay when I helped people shift to a high-vibe diet:

looking forward to seeing you on June 28th, sign-up in the sidebar and look for the details in the newsletter on Monday.

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