Stop Joint Pain, Slow Aging! Mastermind Series 

21 days to a flexible body, more energy and greater confidence!

What if...

You said NO to the foods causing inflammation.

You said YES to foods & activities that help you shine!

Here’s what you get: Stop Joint Pain, Slow Aging program:

* Laser coaching in a small intimate group with a professional facilitator

* Identification of saboteurs so you can make fast progress

* Creative fun and support with a like-minded group

* An action plan toward continued success so you be proud of yourself

* A safe place to discover how good you can feel

* A way to tap into hidden energy that's been lying dormant

Overview of the Program: Professionally facilitated mastermind group with personalized attention, Private community of like-minded people supporting you in your goals, Unlimited email support from the facilitator, The best of both worlds with live, face-to-face interaction in the comfort of your home, 10 group sessions, up to 2 hours each, 1 private session, Homework created specifically for you to catapult you to your next level of self-dignity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What if I can’t make the scheduled time? It’s better if you can join us live. We'll do our best to accommodate everyone's time choices. Connection with others in the group will magnify your results, plus it will help others in the group succeed. However, the sessions will be recorded so you can view them at your convenience.

2) Is it worth the money? I’ll do everything in my power to guide you into a life without joint pain . I’ll open the door, but you’ve gotta walk through it and take the action steps. This is a mastermind series for people starting to notice joint pain and want to slow the aging process, not for advanced stage disease.

3) My family doesn’t support me in this journey. All the more reason to surround yourself with people who will give you the support you may not be getting at home.

4) I’ve tried programs like this before It might not have been the right time for you. It might not have been structured with questions to bring out your own intelligence.

5) What if I don’t like sharing my personal life with strangers? I never liked sharing my personal life with strangers either. But when I found a non-judgmental group led by a professional facilitator I started sharing my hopes and fears with others and it felt like I’d been let out of prison. It’s important to find a place you feel safe. I’ve spent the last 10 years facilitating groups with the protectiveness of a mother bear. I hold a space free of judgment, approval or disapproval so each participant is free to share from their heart without fear. It’s in being witnessed that the most growth and confidence comes. How far you go with that is totally up to you.

6) How do I know if I need this? Ask yourself if support would make it easier for you to achieve your goals of living without joint pain. Are you tempted by foods you know aren't good for you?

7) Isn’t signing up for a course like this selfish? No. It’s the opposite of being selfish. Once you truly learn to nourish your body so you feel more energy and fluidity you can contribute more effectively and accomplish your goals.

8) What if I need my money for something else down the road? You will have more self-confidence which is security far greater than money.

9) Wouldn’t I get more benefit from one on one coaching? Mastermind groups are extremely powerful because of the multidimensional aspect. If you feel you’d rather have one on one coaching that's available. Some people do both.

10) I know this would help my personal life, but I need to focus on my business. The best thing you can do for your business is to live in a body that feels good.

Listen to your heart. If it's nudging you to say YES...

This mastermind group is for you.

It's time to let go of what's not serving you so you can be strong and influential. It's time to make decisions that serve you . You'll find that food plays a major role in the rest of your life. The SAD (Standard American) diet sabotages us. Putting others first might feel good in the short term, but long term it will turn loving relationships into toxic dependency. Learning to love ourselves isn't something a lot of us were taught. This mastermind experience is designed to support your goals of eating well and living well. Having a support system on this journey will make the difference between success and staying stuck in the status quo. Being witnessed by others will speed your progress. Plus it's more fun!

A Mastermind Group is a small group of people each dedicated to their specific goals while supporting others. People who have achieved great things have used the power of masterminds. If you've been stumbling on your own, it's time to tap into a greater force.

You have the opportunity to be part of a professionally facilitated group of up to 8 people who meet regularly for 10 days. You'll receive face-to-face mentoring via google plus (just click a link to join) It's the best of both worlds. Learning in the comfort of your own home and connecting in real time with kindred spirits who support you in your specific goals.

You’ll be able to measure your progress by the results you have in your life, not by what you intellectually understand.

This IS for you if you're dedicated to:

- Putting yourself first, knowing that this approach ultimately serves the world better

- Doing what it takes to have optimal weight and health

- Joining an uplifting community of kindred spirits who support each other

- Experiencing health and vibrancy, not just at an intellectual understanding

- Having a strong 'why' for adopting a healthy, plant-based (or mostly plant-based) lifestyle

This ISN'T for You if: 

- You have excuses why it won't work for you

- You're afraid of what others will think of your decisions

- You're not ready to invest in yourself

- You're not able to accept help from others

This mastermind group is personally supported by me, Pamela Ziemann. I've worked in the personal development field since the 80s, facilitating speaking circles and taught communication skills in 4 countries. I know what it's like to be sensitive to the energy of others and yet want to connect. I went to culinary school at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute to become a certified raw food chef and instructor, and now enjoy a plant-based, whole food lifestyle. There’s nothing I’d rather do than encourage others in their quest for health, freedom and happiness. From there, living your purpose comes naturally. You'll discover a sense of abundance, connection and a rekindled passion for life.

The Mastermind groups begin 4 times a year on the Spring and Fall Equinox, Summer and Winter Solstice with a small group of no more than 4 people is now open. Email me at z at or call 425.223.0123 so we can chat and see if this is a good fit for you and if you feel aligned with the rest of the group. The one-time fee is $597 for 3 weeks of support. (What a deal!) Click the Buy Now button below to join the mastermind group. I'll send you details when your payment comes through. Paypal allows you to pay by credit card or your paypal account.

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If you need extra coaching with your food choices, I've added this stand-alone bonus. Experts agree that adding more fresh, plant-food will keep you fit, sexy and healthy.  Now is the time to make a shift in your diet. What you eat today will affect your tomorrows. Imagine flexible joints, glowing skin, restful sleep and naturally sustained energy. Along with the live mastermind sessions you'll receive these BONUS tutorials to view at your own pace to help you lose weight, slow aging, look and feel great! Give yourself the support you need to guarantee your success.

Watch this 6 minute video what's included in the bonus training.

Save time in your kitchen

Feel happier about your food choices

Know how to be a savvy shopper

Impress your friends with tasty, healthy food

Be more in control of your life

Love what you see in the mirror

Experience more joyful days and deeper sleep

Organize and refresh your cupboards in a way that gives you peace of mind.

Learn proven techniques to discuss food topics that will improve your relationships

Feel the joy of sharing simple and delicious plant-based recipes, snacks and resources with others

Be informed of what special interest groups don’t want you to know from a former insider

Enjoy greater self-confidence and trust in your own intuitive knowing

Tap into the highest nutritional foods for the lowest cost

Click the Buy Now button below to guarantee a spot in the next mastermind group.

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I would LOVE to see one more radically nourished person on the planet. I hope it's YOU! If you'd like to chat with me personally to see if this is a good fit, schedule a free discovery session here.


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