Arthritis, stiffness, and sore joints can be eased naturally

You can imagine how surprised I was when my high school boyfriend contacted me.

We were 17 and now at 57, his name pops up on my computer screen. An official OMG moment!

We skyped… we emailed… every day.

A couple months later he flew 1600 miles to see me.

Not to get into the steamy details, but it was… just like high school.

Except for one thing…

Grace and ease getting up off the floor.

Stiffness and sore joints creep up on us, usually slowly.

I was happy to still be able to slightly resemble our high school days 40 years later.

pamela & dan

I flew to see him a couple months later just finishing a 10 day cleanse of power shakes and raw food.

Skipping up and down his stairs from the basement movie room to the sexy second floor master bedroom, I was feeling great.


After too many fancy restaurant dinners, I noticed it.

My hand on the railing.

It was like slow motion.

After skipping up and down the stairs for so many days, I stopped skipping.

The steps were now one at a time and my hand actually gripped the stair railing.

That defining moment let me know, without a doubt, that food plays a role in how we feel.

Food can Fuel us up or F*ck us up!

There’s tons of scientific research revealing a mostly plant-based diet reduces inflammation.

So let me ask you this…

Are you the kind of person who wants to feel amazing, fit and sexy in your body?

Or are you someone like I talked with last night, who flat-out said, “I know there’s research, but I’m not giving up tempting foods even if I know they cause inflammation.”

We can slow aging and stay flexible. But unless we get out of the convenient food trap we’ll continue to be it’s slave.

And the thing is… once inflammation has gotten out of hand it can be irreversible and contribute to heart disease,

cancer and a whole host of other lifestyle diseases.

Living in our mainstream, it’s so easy to become complacent and think stiffness in our 40s, 50s and 60s is normal.

Well let me tell you, my proactive friend, it’s not!

And we can do something about it.

It takes support and that’s why I’ve set up a mastermind event for a few, select people.

Are you one who’d rather roll around on the floor with their grandkids (or a hot date) than succumb to premature aging?

I’d love to have you join our Fall Equinox Mastermind Group starting September 23rd.

Click here for more details and to register.

Limit 8. Closes September 10th

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