An Open Letter to Alice Cooper

She wanted to go to an Alice Cooper concert but entered a Dairy Princess Contest instead.

Dear Alice,

I’m the writer and performer of the One-Woman Show “If I Were Me… I’d Know What I Want.” It’s based on how you changed my life when I turned eighteen.  

I’ve recently performed it for a teen improv group as well as Fringe Festivals in WA and MN, upcoming shows in Canada and United Solo Theater Festival in New York.

Over 40 years ago, your songs ignited a part of me nobody knew about. I suppressed this secret, wild side of myself in order to play out the societal role of a nice, quiet girl. (It literally made me sick) You played out on stage what I was feeling inside. You let me know it was OK to reveal all of my feelings, including anger. 

Suddenly, I didn’t feel so alone. Thank you.  

Learning about your Solid Rock Teen Center inspires me to give back. Now I witness teens frustrated with the lack of culture in our schools, inherited mental illness and attempts at suicide. I know if they had a place to connect and express their truth they’d blossom. I’d like to perform my show as a fundraiser for your teen center and possibly bring this concept to more cities. Check out my Alice Cooper look and more about the show at:  

I’m excited to reach more teens and would like to explore possibilities with you. Please respond to the contact page on my website to set up a time to talk.


Pamela Ziemann

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